Friends of the Environment

GreenIdeas has selected a list of web sites who share our principles for creating a better world in terms of caring for environment, pursuing of a sustainable economy and phisical and menthal wellness of the people.

If you visit and share the following web sites with your friend you will help to create a better world!

1) FAO: United Nation Food and Agricolture Organization.

2) FAI: Fondo Ambiente Italiano dedicated to preserve the italian environment from a natural, cultural and historical standpoint.

4) BCorporation: using business as a force for good.

3) GreenPeace Italia: GreenPeace Italy official web site sostenibile.

4) FIAB: Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta, Italian Federation of Bycicle Friends commited to promote the use of bycicles for travelling or just for fun.

7) Globopix: more than 10.000 pictures of the most beautiful places of Italy and of the all world taken by independent travellers and photographer.

8) Viaggi e Vacanze: Tips and suggestions to travel safely and ethically around the world.