Dust Mites, Natural Remedies

dust mites

Among the most common allergies is that to dust mites, microorganisms not visible to the naked eye, that made nests in mattresses, on pillows and carpets, creating many problems. For this reason, we’ll illustrate for you how to fight against dust mites, following some rules of prevention.

Dust mite prevention

To avoid the proliferation of dust mites, the temperature of your house should be between 19 and 22 degrees, with a relative humidity not more than 50% and clean the house regularly.

  • Dust surfaces and floor with a moist rag: the vacuum removes only dead dust mites and their excrement, while the living ones do not get detached from textiles even with prolonged vacuuming
  • Use a vacuum with specific filters
  • Aerate the environment every morning, especially when the outdoor temperature is low, because the ideal environment for dust mites is hot and humid: more humidity means more dust mites!
  • Eliminate heavy curtains and substitute them with washable curtains
  • Throw away stuffed animals, rugs, and carpets: they are the ideal habitat for proliferation of mites
  • Beat pillows and mattresses often: better if they’re made of foam
  • Every two weeks put pillows and mattresses in the sun and fresh air
  • Change bed sheets every two weeks and wash them in the washing machine at 60 degrees

Dust mites, natural repellent

Among the most effective natural solutions that allow us to eliminate dust mites is neem oil, a 100% natural oil that doesn’t pollute the environment. It’s particularly effective for keeping away parasites, mosquitoes, various other insects and even dust mites. To prepare it, just mix 15 drops of neem oil with 1 liter of water and spray this mixture directly on the mattress, couch, pillows, and other surfaces around the house with a spray bottle.

Dust mites, useful tips

  • Clean couch and chair cushions more carefully: they are ideal hiding places for dust mites since we put our bodies on them for hours.
  • Avoid couches with fabric upholstery, instead favor leather or semi-leather couches
  • Replace floor-to-floor carpeting with floors that can be washed with water, such as parquet, ceramic, or marble.
  • Use mattresses with anti-dust mite covering: they prevent mattresses from being rapidly infested with dust mites, while it is Remember that anti-allergenic mattresses are not effective against dust-mite allergy, so you should protect them with the appropriate covering.
  • Favor blankets with synthetic materials over woolen ones.

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Translated by Raymond Bellon

Published by da Anna De Simone