An economy with low environmental impact in Paris

World Efficiency Solutions

An economy with a low environmental impact is an ever-topical theme, and one that will be even more so from 12 to 14 December 2017 for those attending the “World Efficiency Solutions” meeting in Paris. The meeting will be held at the “Porte de Versailles” exhibition centre and will be an unforgettable three-day event for those who want to invest money and ideas for a greener future.


This World Efficiency Solution Paris 2017 has been organised ad hoc, and not in just any city, so that investors with a strong bias towards environmental issues can see, explore, and find solutions to improve the current state of the economy with low environmental impact. Proposals from all over the world will be presented.

An economy with low environmental impact after COP21

It was at the COP21 that World Efficiency Solutions was created by Reed Expositions France so that an international meeting dedicated to an economy with low environmental impact might exist and be regularly repeated. The objective is to bring together the stakeholders of COP21 so that they can support the commitments made under Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Paris Agreement.

World Efficiency Solutions: about

In material terms, it is a question of regularly and efficiently arranging opportunities to meet in order to accelerate the realisation of environmentally low-impact economic projects, ensuring at the same time that the best solutions are shared to multiply the benefits obtained in individual cases.

From this year, World Efficiency Solutions is even more active and effective, thanks to the digital device it supports (‘Online’) and to the events planned, including the Paris meeting in December.

The on-line, international community platform WEConnect is the virtual “venue” where projects and the tools to realise them can connect and become truly useful for companies who want to engage in an environmentally low-impact economy.

Prior to the meeting in Paris, the agenda foresees another in Bonn, during COP23, from 14 to 16 November, in which La Galerie by WE, in association with the World Climate Summit 2017, will address issues relating to finance and possible public/private partnerships aimed at implementing climate projects, including with national contributions (NDC).

World Efficiency Solutions Paris

World Efficiency Solutions in Paris

In December, those who are commited in the environmentally low-impact economy will be in Paris from 12 to 14 December for World Efficiency Paris 2017. On this occasion, a decision makers’ summit will be held, with debates and conferences, but also the presentation of solutions. In the three days in Paris it will be possible to see innovative proposals and initiatives, including for training and replicable best practices, all linked to the ecological and energy transition. Those interested in playing a decisive economic role in the economic and energy transition can already decide to be present at the meeting and to join the WE community well before 12 December. Among the names that have already joined and who will be in Paris are André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport, Alzbeta Klein, Director and Global Head / IFC Climate Business, Benoît Lebot, Executive Director / IPEEC, Andrea BRUSCHI, director of systems for mobility at Metropolitana Milanese and many more.

World Efficiency Solutions Paris: objectives and themes

At the World Efficiency Solutions meeting in Paris, the environmentally low-impact economy will be explored in many ways, divided into different themes so as to achieve more targeted solutions without wasting energy. Five macro-areas have been identified.

Clean affordable energy, Responsible production consumption, Sustainable cities and communities, Green infrastructure mobility,and Management of natural resources. In each of these there are goals, strategies, and the desire to find solutions to share with the community.

World Efficiency Solutions Paris 2017: how to get here

Take advantage of one of the largest and oldest urban transit systems in the world to reach “Porte de Versailles” station by the 12 metroline or T2-T3 tramway lines. Alternatives are carsharing with Autolib or bike sharing with Velib. The Charles de Gaulle& Orly airports are one hour away by suburban rail. To locate the venue more clearly, here is a map;

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Published by Matteo Di Felice