Plants That Repel Bugs

Plants That Repel Bugs

Plants That Repel Bugs – The last thing anybody wants when they’re enjoying a nice evening in their garden by themselves or with guests, is constantly having to slap the air trying to keep mosquitos and other bugs from biting you or from getting in your food. That’s where the having a garden comes in handy, because even though we may just use it to decorate our backyard, it’s very useful to host a variety of plants able to repel bugs and pests.

So if you’re planning a patio party anytime soon and live in an area with a climate idea for mosquitos and other flying insects, here’s a list of plants you should consider having in your garden to try to repel them all, and avoid having to drown your greens in artificial pesticides.

Not only that, but you can place some of these plants close to other plants that are more prone to pests such as gloxinias or campanulas.

Plants that repel bugs – Flowers

  1. Chrysanthemums. Not only are these flowers beautiful, they also contain a compound called pyrethrins that has very well-known insect-repelling qualities. Pyrethrins is commonly used in commercial insecticides, pet shampoos and indoor sprays. The chemical is able to repel mosquitoes, roaches, ticks, lice, fleas and bedbugs among others.
  2. Marigolds. These sun-loving flowers are known among farmers to keep pests in check. They can even repel aphids and rabbits! However, their anti-insect qualities take about a year to become effective. Nonetheless, they can grow very easily around your garden, just as long as they get sunshine on a frequent basis.
  3. Alliums. If you have a vegetable garden, then you will significantly benefit from having Alliums planted around it. This tall flower has the ability to repel a wide range of insects, including worms and slugs, commonly found around vegetables, such as tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and peppers. This family also includes herbs such as chives, garlic, scallions, leeks and onions.
  4. Petunias. Often recognised as nature’s pesticides, petunias are an ideal addition to your backyard decorations, as they are available in different bright colours, and are easy to maintain and grow. They can keep aphids, squash bugs and beetles away from your garden…and your garden party.

Plants that repel bugs – Herbs

  1. Lemongrass. This herb is widely known for its mosquito-repellent quality. The herb contains citronella, a natural oil that gives it that citrus-y scent, which is usually extracted and used for candles and scented oils for the house. Lemongrass needs plenty of sunshine and possibly a dry environment to grow at its best.
  2. Mint. Aside for its culinary uses, mint is very useful to keep mosquitos and biting pests away. Once planted, it spreads extensively and very quickly, thus it’s best to grow it in pots. You can then grab a few leaves and put them around veggies like broccoli and cabbage to help them grow healthy and untouched by insects.
  3. Rosemary. Another contender in the fight against mosquitos is rosemary. Like mint, it too can grow and spread very easily, thus it’s best grown in containers and set around the garden. Not only can this herb keep those flying pests away, it can also protect your vegetables plants from frustrating infestations. It’s very easy to make your own repellent – all you need is water to boil the dried cuttings in and a spray bottle to use as a container.
  4. Lavender. Most of us love the smell of lavender as much as flies, fleas, moths and mosquitoes hate it. Not only can its scent help deal with our insomnia, it can be used as a lovely decoration for the house, especially in the bedroom. That way, you’ll have a lovely-looking, pest-free house to welcome your guests to.

Plants that repel bugs – Carnivorous plants

  1. Pitcher plants. Through its naturally intricate combination of fragrance, colour and nectar, this plant is able to attract insects inside its pitcher-looking leaf, where they find themselves trapped inside it and eventually fall into the water resting at the bottom of the inside of it. Once there, they drown and die, and get slowly digested by the plant. Common victims of this plants are ants, bees, beetles and flies. All they require is sun and moisture, which can easily be achieved by growing them in pots over a container with water.
  2. Venus flytraps. Commonly found in the wetlands along the East Coast of the US, specifically around North and South Carolina, these carnivores need insects to survive. They tend to live in poor soil and for that, they have evolved to eat insects in order to get their nutrients. They mostly eat arthropods, including beetles and spiders, with less than 5% of their diet consisting in flying pests.

Plants that repel bugs – Where to Buy Them

Flowers and herbs are easily available in flower shops and large supermarket stores, where you can either find the plants already growing or in seed forms.

Otherwise, you can easily find them on Amazon. For instance, you can buy this Citronella plants in pots ready for you to add to your garden. Or you can also get 1000 Marigold seeds for you to lay around your backyard and see it explode in bright colours. The options are endless when it comes to online shopping…

Published by Carla Cometto on 5 Ottobre 2017